Crushin’ Bones and Grindin’ Souls!

Grind House Comics ain’t your mama’s comic book company. We won’t hold your hand. We won’t tuck you in at night. All we do is bring together the top talent in the industry and give them the freedom to express their vision. Sometimes those visions may remind you the world isn’t always pretty. That sex and violence can go hand in hand and that the good guys don’t always win.

Screaming out of Portland, Oregon, Grind House Comics will release multiple titles in 2013 beginning in July with Escape From The Dead, followed by Rowdy Roddy Piper – Monster Killer, then Kill Squad and Monster World in 2014. With distribution through Diamond Comics and Comixology, GHC titles will be easy to find and follow. And through dynamic relationships with Cheezy Flicks Entertainment, Revolution Film Group, Straight Line Movies and Vision Films, GHC will market its hot properties across the mediascape and all merchandising platforms, including comics, posters, models, games, clothing, feature films and more.

Escape From The Dead

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